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One Pink Velvet Sofa..... Styled three ways

When contacted me about working with them and picking a sofa for my new home I headed straight for my ‘Velvet Sofa Inspo’ board on Pinterest and the colour that I was most drawn to was pink….. Now I think pink is a tricky colour to get right on a large piece of furniture…. The brighter and bubblegum pinks, whilst looking great in a colourful, modern home environment, just wouldn’t work with the more scandi, natural look in my home. I knew therefore that I was looking for a more dusky pink if that was the colour I was going to go for.

Letting The Light In..... The difference a skylight made to our home

When we first viewed our house we were looking at it as a renovation project so we knew we would be making big changes. One of the first things that struck us was how dark and gloomy it was and I knew bringing lots of natural light in was going to be a big part of the project….We were lucky that the back rooms downstairs had a flat roof back from when the property was a garage for the nearby manor house and because of this we could add a skylight to what would otherwise have been an internal room with no natural light of its own.

Green Velvet Chair Loving..... The perfect fit for my open plan area

As I’m sure you know, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, velvet has made a big comeback in interiors over the last couple of years. So when got in touch and asked if I’d like to work with them on an interiors campaign and choose a piece of furniture, I immmediatly popped over to their website to check they offered velvet fabrics for their armchairs….. And luckily for me they most certainly do!

Velvet Sofas....... More than just a trend

You can't open an interiors magazine these days without seeing a velvet sofa or two..... Velvet just looks and feels luxurious and gives a touch of glamour to any room and is certainly a big interior trend at the moment. I had been after one for ages and finally Mr H relented and agreed a velvet sofa was a necessity in our home.....