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Our Temporary Kitchen Update...... Here's how we did it!

IAt the end of April we moved to our 4th renovation house project and the biggest one we’ve taken on yet! I must admit the first few weeks were a bit of a shock to the system after cramming our belongings from our previous five bedroom house into a two bed- Thank goodness we have a garage! The whole house needs renovating from floor to artexed ceilings and we’ll also be adding two story extensions…. I’d decided before we moved in that as we would probably be living with the current kitchen for about a year I’d give it a revamp, whilst spending as small amount as possible…..

Letting The Light In..... The difference a skylight made to our home

When we first viewed our house we were looking at it as a renovation project so we knew we would be making big changes. One of the first things that struck us was how dark and gloomy it was and I knew bringing lots of natural light in was going to be a big part of the project….We were lucky that the back rooms downstairs had a flat roof back from when the property was a garage for the nearby manor house and because of this we could add a skylight to what would otherwise have been an internal room with no natural light of its own.

Five Of My Current Favourite Home Renovators On Instagram.... Their before & afters and top tips!

2019 is going to be a busy year for us, we’ve taken the plunge and bought our next renovation property…. Another great renovation opportunity came up in the same village and we’ve decided it’s just too good to miss, so we’ve sold our house and are jumping back on the reno bandwagon!…. I follow many renovators on Instagram, they are such an inspiration, so I thought it was only right to share some of these fabulous renovators and their top tips with you too…..