Finishing our bedroom renovation..... With the eve mattress bundle.

So, we’ve been renovating our home for over 3 years now and for some strange reason our bedroom is the last room we have thought about! Apart from the decor, up until the beginning of this year we were sleeping in a bed that had a piece of wood propped underneath holding up the frame after one of the kids decided the only bonus of us all sharing a room for 3 months at build ‘hell’ stage was using our king size bed as a trampoline!

Velvet Sofas....... More than just a trend

You can't open an interiors magazine these days without seeing a velvet sofa or two..... Velvet just looks and feels luxurious and gives a touch of glamour to any room and is certainly a big interior trend at the moment. I had been after one for ages and finally Mr H relented and agreed a velvet sofa was a necessity in our home.....