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        UK Interior Awards Winner 2018

        UK Interior Awards Winner 2018

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My sitting room flooring solution...... With Kersaint Cobb

My sitting room flooring solution...... With Kersaint Cobb

Our sitting room is the only room in the house that hasn’t had new flooring during our renovation as the carpet had recently been laid when we moved in. It was not to my taste but with all the other expenditure of extending and fully renovating our home it seemed crazy to pull up perfectly good carpet….. Shame the same couldn’t be said for the rest of flooring in the house but that’s another story!

When we had the wood burner fitted and moved the back wall we just cut the carpet away and this is how it’s remained, with the dodgy cut edges thankfully covered by rugs and the sofa. So when flooring company Kersaint Cobb got in touch and asked me to take a look at their floor coverings I jumped at the chance.

Kersaint Cobb are suppliers of wool, sisal, coir, wood, jute, seagrass, wood flooring and Morrocan runners. Their mission statement is ‘With a Kersaint Cobb Flooring, you really can travel the world from the comfort of your own home.’ …. I love this!

The flooring from Kersaint Cobb has been sourced from all over the world, from New Zealand to Asia, Africa and South America…… ‘Subtle shades and rich tones have been sourced from the finest producers across the world. Their natural surroundings provide the inspiration for our traditional and modern designs that will bring character and richness into your home. From the softness and warmth of wool to the exciting textures of grass, jute, coir and sisal, our selection reflects the variety and beauty of the natural world in which we live.Walk across the world with us...’

Their site not only contains a variety of beautiful floor coverings it is also easy to navigate and you can order free samples at the click of a button….. There are so many choices when changing your flooring and the site also includes handy specification sheets so you can see exactly what you’re ordering.

So, let’s look at my sitting room flooring plans….. The current carpet is a beige bog standard carpet- not very inspiring and I can’t wait to change it for something more fitting with my style. Throughout the downstairs living areas we laid limed oak flooring which I love, but I want to keep carpet in the sitting room. This is such a cosy warm room especially in the winter with the wood burner lit and I also like that the carpet distinguishes it as a separate room from the oak floored open plan area.


I looked through the Kersaint Cobb site and picked out seven samples which they sent out and I received the next day. As my sitting room has a cosy modern rustic feel I went for natural flooring such as Wool, Jute and Sisal and I chose some samples with pattern such as herringbone and stripes as I love pattern and texture in my home.

Here are the seven samples I chose for the sitting room……

Here are the seven samples I chose for the sitting room……

I will be keeping most of the rugs, furniture and the current colour scheme in the sitting room and the samples I’ve chosen from Kersaint Cobb would all work really well with the natural elements we have in the room at the moment which is important…..


Having a herringbone patterned carpet in here really appeals to me, I chose herringbone samples in a light coloured pure wool carpet as well as a natural Jute and Sisal along with a graphite coloured Sisal. The jute and sisal have great texture and would give a more rustic feel to the room than the wool as a comparison.

The Cascade range at Kersaint Cobb is 100% pure wool, I have had a pure wool carpet in the past and not only does it looks great, it’s long lasting and durable…. Another bonus in a house with allergies like ours is the minute scales of the wool's fibres will hold fine dust until it is vacuumed, which will minimise any floating particulate in the atmosphere.

Jute fibres are much finer than Sisal fibres and this is the difference behind the contrasting properties of Sisal and Jute carpets. Sisal carpets are much more hardwearing than Jute carpets and are more suitable for high traffic areas. There are a great selection of both Jute and Sisal carpets to choose from at Kersaint Cobb with many textures and patterns if you love that natural rustic feel in your home.

Wool Cascade - 101 Light Cloud    /    Jute - Herringbone  … All the herringbone patterns I chose are different colours and textures but would all work really well with my current scheme in the sitting room.

Wool Cascade - 101 Light Cloud / Jute - HerringboneAll the herringbone patterns I chose are different colours and textures but would all work really well with my current scheme in the sitting room.


I currently have a Sisal basket in the sitting room, I really like the texture of Sisal and like the thought of having it as the floor covering in here. Along with the Sisal herringbone I also chose a dark thickly weaved Sisal sample which I love the bold texture of.

I love the rustic feel of the Sisal and not only is it an eco-friendly option being sustainable and 100% biodegradable, it has other advantages as well…. It is extremely hardwearing which is great with three teenagers and all their friends traipsing about the house that’s for sure! Oh, and not only that but whilst researching Sisal I found that the succulent plant it comes from is closely related to the plant which brings us tequila…. How about that!

The Jute rug currently in the sitting room shows how lovely it would look in here.

The Jute rug currently in the sitting room shows how lovely it would look in here.

As well as the natural, neutral colours I decided to look at grey colourways too…. The corner sofa is grey as is the ceiling just outside the sitting room in the open plan area and I thought it might be good to have a contrasting floor colour to the limed oak which adjoins the room…..

I chose a mid grey wool mix along with a grey and white striped wool mix carpet. I really like both of these carpets, especially the striped one, I have grey carpet in all of the upstairs bedrooms and I think grey is a great neutral for flooring.

I also chose a darker grey and an almost black Sisal, but having got the samples and loving them, they just don’t work in here against the blue walls which is a shame. It really is so important I think to get lots of samples when you’re considering new flooring, as with paint they can look so different in different rooms depending on the light.


So, after looking at all the samples in situ and loving different things about them all I think the three herringbone patterns in wool, Sisal and Jute below are my favourites for the room…. I’m keeping this colour scheme for now but who knows it may change in the future, and these would all look great with any colour scheme I go for which is always an important consideration when you’re looking at flooring as it’s not something you want to be changing every few years!

What do you think? Would you have made the same choices as me? Watch this space to see what my final decision will be of the three favourites as the new flooring will be going down in the new year……

Thanks as always for reading

Sharon xx

* This is a sponsored blog post in collaboration with Versant Cobb ...... I only promote products that I am happy to use in my own home.

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