I live in the beautiful village of Cuckfield in Sussex with my husband and three teenage kids. Living happily in our recently renovated home I was perusing Rightmove in January 2019 when another property ripe for renovation came up in our village on a road we have always loved…. Three days later our offer was accepted and after quickly securing a sale on our own house we moved in April. Our new home was formerly the lodge house to the nearby Manor House, built in 1922, but with little character, we have taken on our biggest extension and renovation project yet! We will be turning it from a dark and dingy 2 bed to a light, bright, 4 bedroom family home. This is the fourth large renovation project we have undertaken, and according to my long suffering husband the last, but we'll see! 

I started my working life as a visual merchandiser, after five years I left to pursue what I thought would be a life of glamour working as cabin crew for British Airways, believe me it wasn't glamorous, it's blimmin’ hard work, but I had a decade of seeing the world, made friends for life and met my husband. 

After having our third child in 2006 we moved house and started on our first home renovation, because lets face it, 3 kids under six wasn’t enough work.... And here my passion for interiors which had been simmering away for years really began. In 2012 I took a Diploma in Interior Design and have not only designed the interiors but project managed the build and internal renovations on the last three home renovations we have done.

I would describe my personal home style as a mash up of modern rustic, nordic with a touch of dark glamour and a bit of industrial chic thrown in for good measure…. Oh and I always like to add lots of plants, texture and layers into the mix too! Though my home decor is always changing and evolving I do love an off white or blue wall, and for me there has to be natural materials in the home. I'm a sucker for reclaimed wood and internal brick walls. Of course, I appreciate many other interior styles too and am continually inspired by others especially on Instagram and Pinterest, it's just a good job I don't have the time to redecorate the house weekly! 

Interior and Product Styling is something I love and I have been lucky enough to work with, and alongside, some great stylists and brands. Another passion is taking photographs of both people and interiors and I love that it's an ongoing learning process. Following on from this I have recently set up my prints business selling photographic prints and typography prints taken and designed by me at

My blog is a mix of home renovation, style tips, interior decor, and design ideas, I do hope this blog inspires you to try new ideas in your own home. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media. 

Sharon x